Goin’ to California

Dear Readers,

As some of you know, I’ll be heading to California this coming week with Miri to give a talk at Sonoma State. Topic is TBA, but generally focuses on social movements, gender, and spiritual counter-culture. Needless to say, I am very excited for this. I have my game on for this weekend, doing some hard-core readings and invoking all the gods and muses of writing.

Later in the week, Miri will be performing her poetry — twice I believe. Then, we’ll both be talking at a potluck-and-lecture in Oakland, hosted generously by Michael Brabant. That talk gives me free reign to discuss the integral community and its potential to become a social movement through art and culture-building. More so the latter, which I believe the integral community is already part of a general ‘tectonic shift’ in Western culture still rippling from the 60’s counter-culture, interest in altered states, and the development of fields like transpersonal studies or, more recently, the “Psychedelic Renaissance.” Consciousness movements, I argue, are on the rise, and there’s a way we can participate in this effectively and without losing steam one one hand, and on the other, without degrading into cheap marketing ploys for aging Baby Boomers or hipster lifestyle practitioners.

I come to this talk as a ‘noob’ to it all, admittedly, but with some interesting experience under my belt oscillating between the integral ‘movement’ on one hand and my recent work with Reality Sandwich and the Evolver Network, which, generally speaking, has dubbed itself (and those like it) ‘transformational culture.’ These terms are problematic on the one hand, but on the other, the communities are genuinely inheriting a rich history of counter-cultural thought, psychological traditions and emergent worldviews (theoretically articulated, yes, but not limited to that. The movements are also implicit in art, culture, lifestyle, dance festivals, electronic music, etc).

Ah, well I won’t give away the whole talk. It’s not even written yet, so off I go to prepare. Thanks for lending your eyes and your time. Speak with you again from sunny California.

One thought on “Goin’ to California

  1. Judy King says:

    Thanks Jeremy for the send & I love “lending my eyes & time” to your writings 🙂 Enjoy California … it’s openness & expansion & keep spreading the news …. Ahhhh California comin’ home ( Joni’s original 😉 MadLove 2U & Miri PeaceUnderstandingRevolution, Cousin jude Ps. Come visit anytime… Stir up this good ol’ boy state of Virginia ! ,ol’ hippie pockets of friends have been at it for quite some time .. . Send some photos. Of you guys by the waters edge if you get a chance ..or any others .. I dig traveling through them ! ( beautiful picture you sent with your email )


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