Review of Crosby’s Mind and Cosmos, by CrafterYearly

Bookmarking this review for later. If you haven’t checked out Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos, I recommend that you do (check out the cheaper, Kindle version).
This review via Humanistic Paganism examines Nagel’s book -which critiques common conceptions of mind and nature and addresses theists and atheists alike – in light of Naturalistic Paganism.

Humanistic Paganism

Thomas Nagel’s most recent book, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False is an important new work that speaks to a wide range of audiences: theists, atheists, scientists, and philosophers. In it, he takes up the question of how to explain the existence of the universe and human life as well as the place and purpose of human life in the universe. While most authors taking up this very big question write from one of two diametrically opposed positions (i.e., religious theism or mechanistic scientism), Nagel adopts a naturalistic-teleological position that may be of special interest or importance for Naturalistic Pagans.

Nagel begins Mind and Cosmos by recounting the debates between those who believe that the existence of the universe and human life can be fully explained through reference to non-purposive physical, chemical, and biological events (i.e., those who adopt a mechanistic scientistic…

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