Electric Lyre Podcast Evolves (Slightly)

We’re nearly there. Sort of. Next is a real logo design, which will take some scouting out for talent and clever usage of the letters “E” and “L.”

You can check out the rest of the podcast description on its home page:

The “Electric Lyre” – or ELcast – is a podcast I host with monthly episodes. I explore the fringes of culture for what Erik Davis calls “high weirdness,” and what friend and colleague David B. Metcalfe describes the “experimental counter-culture.” Think of the anomalous oddness that wafts up through a good Philip K. Dick book; recall Rudy Rucker’s Transrealist manifesto; the otherworld is creeping about at the peripheral edges of “normal.” I’m interested in those openings into mystery.

Through conversations, I hope to explore, be inspired by, and co-inspire other individuals who are also interested topics like altered states of consciousness, meditation and contemplative practices, weird literature, experimental storytelling, and the emergent spiritual counter-culture.

Interested in joining me for a show? Ping me at jeremy (at) evolver (dot) net.

Now I must make a halfway decent recording setup. Time to listen to The Joe Rogan Experience and watch Maron for inspiration.

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