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The “Electric Lyre” – or ELcast – is a podcast I host with monthly episodes. I explore the fringes of culture for what Erik Davis calls “high weirdness,” and what friend and colleague David B. Metcalfe describes the “experimental counter-culture.” Think of the anomalous oddness that wafts up through a good Philip K. Dick book; recall Rudy Rucker’s Transrealist manifesto; the otherworld is creeping about at the peripheral edges of “normal.” I’m interested in those openings into mystery.

Through conversations, I hope to explore, be inspired by, and co-inspire other individuals who are also interested topics like altered states of consciousness, meditation and contemplative practices, weird literature, experimental storytelling, and the emergent spiritual counter-culture.


So why “lyre,” and how come it’s electric?

Hermes gets a nod here. God of communication. Patron saint of the digital world. He is the god of the crossroads. In Greek mythology, Hermes played the lyre – which also happens to be a really neat instrument.

I shouldn’t have to explain to you why it’s electric! But fine. There are two zaps: one the lightning bolt that links the magus to his or her divine inspiration (in-spirited). Let the sparks fly through conversation.

Secondly, again, we’re in Marshall McLuhan’s electronic culture. Electric. Lyre.

“Alterations of Consciousness” is a term I borrowed from Imants Baruss in his text, Alterations of Consciousness: An Empirical Analysis for Social Scientists.

An awful lot is going on in the so-called transformative communities – that bricolage of psychedelic counter-cultures and esotericists, what Woutter Hanegraaff calls “cyberdelic spirituality” and “The New Edge,” what or Jeffrey J. Kripal has described as the “religion of no religion.”  Terence McKenna popularly coined this contemporary zeitgeist as the Archaic Revival.

It’s my hope this podcast serves as an intriguing, hermetic, marketplace where ideas, take corporeal form, and even leave their mark on the world.

Psychnoauts, meditators, yogis, magicians, witches, filmmakers, storytellers, authors and social activists – all are welcome.

Send me a message if you’re interested in joining me for an episode: jeremy (at) evolver (dot) net.

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#1 Art, Artifice and Entheodelic Storytelling (Dec. 2014)



#2 Meet the New Monastics: Kingsley L. Dennis and The Phoenix Generation (Feb. 2015)

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